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Due to woking,our company need to recruitment 20 piece of staff. You can to enter your name if you are fit with fllowing :

1.condition: Age: 18-40 Year(man)    18-35 Year(woman) ,
             Level of education: more than jounior level
             sight: more than 1.0 and health
2.Type of work in production: normal operator
            3.1 Basic salary: CNY1140.00(22days/month,8hours/day).Expect out of 8 hours and sarturday ,sunday we can pay the overtime pay according to rule in suzhou city.we will to provide lunch at working.

            3.2 New staff has two month  probation period, You can enjoy the salary&reward when you pass then protation preiod.

            3.3 Compay will to pay social security when staff worked a half year.
                Compay will have a pay rise CNY140.00/month when staff worked full of a year.

            3.4  Compay will have a pay rise CNY10.00/month when staff worked full of two years.
4.procedure: take yourself ID card and degree certificate enter your's name  to our company HR

ADD:No.8 zhengjing west road.huangjing town ,taicang city     TEL:0512-53810111-8006 or 0512-53810111-8053

Contact:Mr Zhao , Mr Zhou

Traffic route: 205BUS  rongwen station

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