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There's introduction and display of strength
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  Suzhou Rong Wen Group from January 2008 to introduce advanced MVP (increase savings) management system. Through the addition of full-time management agency, and other types of training activities within the group and associated Companies (suppl iers) to vigorously promote all-round, creating an atmosphere of public participation. This series of actions to obtain fruitful results in 2008, when 1.82 million yuan of special savings, January 2009 To save money and 960,000 yuan in October.
  Composition and quality inspection system of national standards laboratory (quality testing capabilities) companies to set up q uality department, quality department manager the following set engineers, technicians, quality inspection elongated test Staff and other positions. Test is divided into the following pieces: the process in accordance with sub-feed inspection, process inspection, final inspection and laboratory.ListenRead phonetically Dictionarynoun0.privacy0.secrecy0.solitude0.seclusion0.retirement
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